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    Peeling Candles

    Our unique Peeling Candles come in two standard sizes, but can be ordered in larger sizes if required. Please contact us regarding the creation of an individually hand crafted candle or choose from available stock in store.

    Standard sizes are as follows:  

    150 hour Candle ( 31cm high x 6.25 cm wide ) Standard $54-00, Decorated $60-50

    250 hour Candle ( 34 cm high x 7.5 cm wide ) Standard $70-00, Decorated $76-50

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    German Folk Art


     We import all of our German folk art and traditional wooden toys directly from the craftsmen in Seiffen, Germany. Working in generations-old, family-based workshops, these men and women carry on a tradition of wood-carving that is unique to the Erzgebirge region, producing objects of singular beauty and universal appeal. Many of these items reflect popular folk motifs, but no two craftsmen approach them in the same way. And, since all of the work is done by hand, you may be sure that each item is truly unique. 


    The history of the Erzgebirge Mountains (Ore Mountains) was largely shaped by the mining of its rich deposits of ore following the arrival of the first human settlements. The mining of ore became one of the main ways for people in the region to earn a living back in the 12th Century. However, when the deposits of tin, silver and copper began to dwindle in the mid-17th Century and mining became increasingly insignificant, many miners were forced to turn their hand to activities like wood-carving and lathe work in order to make a living. Nevertheless their mining activities provided an endless source of subjects to be depicted in wood in the evenings. Typical varieties of local craftsmanship such as creating wood-shaving trees made arts and crafts from the Ore Mountains worid-famous.

    These traditional techniques and designs continue to be nurtured with great love and creativity.


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