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  • Apricot-&-AlmondHrsFW.jpg


    Fragrant oil Candle

    A warm fruity fragrance that's perfect for a pampered night in!

    Aroma: Sweet and warm with nutty undertones.

    Blend with: Sandalwood, Rose, Orange and Cinnamon.


  • Angels-KissHrsFW.jpg


    Fragrant Oil candle

    A warm and heavenly floral combination, perfect for a romantic night in.

    Aroma: A warm blend of florals.

    Blend with: Sandalwood, Rose and Ylang Ylang.

  • BoroniaHrsFW.jpg


    Fragrant Oil candle

    Aroma – Beautifully warm. A woody sweet fragrance that has fresh, spicy undercurrents with rich tenacious floral undertones.

    Blends well with - Sandalwood, Aphrodesia, Rose and Jasmine.

  • Citronella-HoursFW.jpg


    Essential Oil Candle

    Aroma – Fresh, powerful citric scent.

    Uses - Excellent when used as an insect repellent. Oil uses: antiseptic, deodorant, diuretic, fungicide and a tonic.

    Description – Citronella is a tall, aromatic perennial grass, native to Sri Lanka, but some species are also produced on a large scale from Java, Vietnam, Africa, Argentina and Central America.

    Customary Practices - Traditionally the leaves were used for fever, intestinal parasites, digestive and menstrual problems and as an insect repellent.

    Extraction - by steam distillation of the fresh, part dried or dried grass.

    Caution - Check with you medical practitioner if using during pregnancy.
    For medicinal purposes, use under consultation with your preferred medical practitioner.

    Blends well with - Geranium, Lemongrass, Orange and Cedarwood.

  • Cleo's-DreamHrsFW.jpg


    Fragrant Oil candle

    Aroma – A beautiful warm, sweet and delicate fragrance. Light floral undertones, subtle.

    Description - Romantic and alluring. Based on a very delicate musk.
    So subtle, Cleopatra’s Dream needs to be burnt without any interference of other fragrances.

  • Christmas-HoursFW.jpg


    Essential Oils

    Aroma – A rich, spicy and sharp fragrance.

    Description - A mixture of essential oils of Clove, Cinnamon and Orange.

    Uses - Tradionally burnt at Christmas time.

    Clove assists in the relief of bronchitis and nausea.
    Cinnamon is used for the relief of coughs and colds.
    Orange aids in the respite of depression, anxiety and nervous conditions.

    Caution - Check with you medical practitioner if using during pregnancy.
    For medicinal purposes, use under consultation with your preferred medical practitioner.

  • FrankHrsFW.jpg


    Fragrant Oil candle

    Aroma – A pungent exotic, woody fragrance.

    Description - Traditionally used during the Christmas period in the remembrance of the birth of Jesus.

    Blends well with - Sandalwood, Geranium, Lavender, Orange, spices and citruses.

  • GardeniaHrsFW.jpg


    Fragrant Oil candle

    Aroma – Warm, rich, sweet, heady and sensual. Stimulates affection and promotes sensual feelings.

    Description -

    • Polynesian people in the pacific islands use the extremely fragrant blooms in their flower necklaces, which are called "Ei" in the Cook Islands and Tahiti or "Lei" in Hawai'i.
    • In some pacific island traditions, wearing a flower indicates relationship status. A flower worn on the left ear means the person is taken and on the right ear means available.
    • Parts of the plant are believed to relieve migraines, ear-aches, insect bites, rashes, cure some forms of eczema and even heal wounds.
      Blends well with -  Bewitched, Boronia, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Sandalwood and Rose.
  • Green-Tea-HrsFW.jpg


    Fragrant Oil candle

    Aroma – Sweet, with soft undertones of Camellia.

    Description –

    Green tea is a type of tea made solely with the leaves of Camellia sinensis that has undergone minimal oxidation during processing. Green tea originates from China and has become associated with many cultures in Asia from Japan to the Middle East. Over the last few decades green tea has been subjected to many scientific and medical studies to determine the extent of its long-purported health benefits, with some evidence suggesting regular green tea drinkers may have lower chances of heart disease and developing certain types of cancer.

    Blends well with:Sandalwood, Orange and Lemongrass.

  • JasminHrsFW.jpg


    Fragrant Oil candle

    Aroma - Warm, sweet, flowery and slightly heady.

    Description - This exotic and intoxicating fragrance is very relaxing. A great mood setter for those romantic interludes.

    Blends well with - Rose, Aphrodesia and Cinnamon.

  • LavenderHrsFW.jpg


    Essential Oil candle

    Aroma – light, floral and refreshing.

    Uses - Clears and calms the emotions, relieves exhaustion. Has a balancing effect on the central nervous system. Excellent for depressive states. Lavender calms palpitations, relieves insomnia, headaches and stress. Also a handy insecticide. Oil uses: an analgesic, antidepressant, antitoxic, deodorant, diuretic, insecticide, sedative, stimulant and tonic.

    Description – A highly aromatic shrub approximately one metre in height with clusters of purple-blue flowers. Mainly produced in France, but is also cultivated in other Mediterranean Countries as well as Australia.

    Customary Practices – Lavender is a well-established traditional remedy and its scent is familiar to almost everyone. It was used to comfort the stomach, as cosmetic water, as an insect repellent, to scent the linen, and as a reviving yet soothing oil. A few drops of lavender in a hot footbath can greatly relieve fatigue.

    Extraction - By steam distillation from the fresh flowering tops.

    Caution - Check with you medical practitioner if using during pregnancy.
    For medicinal purposes, use under consultation with your preferred medical practitioner

    Blends well with - Cedarwood and Orange.

  • LemongrassHrsFW.jpg


    Essential Oil candle

    Aroma – Fresh, tangy and invigorating

    Uses - Aids in the relief of headaches, respiratory problems, nervous exhaustion and stress related conditions. Widely used as an insect repellent, especially for fleas, ticks and lice.
    Oil uses: analgesic, antidepressant, anti oxidant, antiseptic, astringent, deodorant, insecticide and sedative.

    Description - Lemongrass is a fast growing aromatic perennial grass, native to Asia.

    Customary Practices - Traditionally it was used for infectious illnesses and fever. A great food flavour.

    Extraction - Oil extraction is by steam distillation from the fresh and semi dried leaves.

    Caution - Check with you medical practitioner if using during pregnancy.
    For medicinal purposes, use under consultation with your preferred medical practitioner

    Blends well with - Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang.

  • PomegranateHrsFW.jpg


    Fragrant Oil candle

    Aroma – Sweet and subtle, with enticingly deep nuances and a sophisticated spiciness

    Description – sweet and exotic, fruity with a slight floral hint.

    Blends well with - Vanilla, Cinnamon and Citronella.

  • RainforestHrsFW.jpg


    Fragrant Oil candle

    Aroma – An energetically fresh fragrance. Gives that outdoor feeling even on those dark wintry days.

    Blends well with - the more subtle florals like Boronia and Geranium to add that extra sweetness.

  • RaptureHrsFW.jpg


    Fragrant Oil candle

    Aroma – Rich floral heady fragrance including gardenia, azalea and freesia.

    Description - Romantic, persuasive and enticing.

    Blends well with – Ylang Ylang and Orange.

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