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Welcome to The Hahndorf Candlemaker on-line shopping Catalogue. For your shopping pleasure we have constructed an easy to navigate, secure website.

Hahndorf Candlemaker also known as 'The Candle Shop' is a family business that produces handmade fragrance candles from specially blended oils and waxes. All products used are non-toxic, waxes contain no carcinogens or elements harmful to humans, wicks are pure cotton and oils are of the highest quality. 

We also import and sell quality handcrafted pieces of German folk art from the Erzgebirge ( Ore Mountains ), together with other unusual handmade objects and candle paraphernalia, all of authentic indigenous origin.
Continuous innovation sets us apart from our competitors. Our business is constantly changing, as we introduce new and surprising elements. There is always something different in our shop—new stock, new fragrances and new experiences to help decorate your environment. We provide visual and verbal information to visitors about the age-old craft of candle making and the history of the German folk art. The meticulous merchandising and unique ambiance of the shop are supported by warm and attentive customer service.
Our retail shop is situated in the historic village of Hahndorf, nestled within the picturesque Adelaide Hills, just 25 minutes from the GPO of Adelaide, South Australia.
Shop 2/53 Main St Hahndorf 5245. Phone/Fax: 08 83887797

Open 7 days a week,

Mon - Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun 11am - 5pm

Please take a few minutes to read our safety and candle care instructions before lighting up.

We have included a frequently asked questions page for you, as well as a “comments to us and contact page”.
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